Hello blog,

Trying to keep a lid on myself, so i don’t get too much attention, but the personal energetic field that i have is too much for the human technologies to handle,. I do not walk at night anymore, i make the light poles goes off the intersection lights tilt, car sirens go off. I feel like a walking time bomb, im surprise that i can use the computer , well one of 4 computers that is,

So here i am, in a human form , With a Angel and a Unicorn, I am the other brother that is not mention, and is hidden til the Seraphim mentions my name. I got to like sweets, vanilla and hot French vanilla coffee . I discovered Lasagna,   Im able to send flocks of birds or a crow to look upon you, this is who i am. i speak to the spirit of wind, fire, earth, and water i can hear the trees the birds, i can feel the dogs and can more the clouds,

it is wonderful in this  era ive arrived when the snow was 4 feet high. The Nephelims are ready to show themselves, the Agarthans are ready too, should we mention to humans that we are a mung them or should they, just discover it by themselves…

Father gave us the green light to take action , so action is in progress. what more can we do , have thousands of spaceship appearing everywhere?   This could cause panic, so we are going steop by step slowly so the message on the tele vision is more and more visible .

the blog terminates here, more shall be posted soon

Divine Gift